20 & 30-Second Videos

One of the most practical and most popular ways to capture attention is to show, not just tell, what your product is about through video. Video can help boost your numbers, drawing more people to your website and raising your search engine optimization (SEO). To learn more about how to integrate video into your marketing plan, contact DGC today. 

20-Second Splash Videos are product, brand, or service teasers; perfect for social media marketing. 

30-Second Videos or service mini-commercials are a bit more in-depth on brands, products, or services than splash videos, but still invoke viewer interest to learn more. 20-Second Splashes and 30-Second Commercials are the wave of the future in social media marketing.

60+ Second Videos

60-Second Videos (aka Commercials)are perfect for websites but also work well on social media, (except for Instagram which limits video duration). These videos usually have voice overs or video text to explain your product, service, or brand in more detail.

Book Trailers

A Book Trailer Shows a Thousand Words. A book trailer is a short video teaser for your book. In one minute or less, you can target the visual, auditory, and emotional senses of your potential reader. They’re short, sharable, and a super helpful tool to promote your book. DGC is here to help you start the buzz about your book. 

Commercials & Vlogs

How a “Video Blog” or “Vlog” Can Help Build Your Small Business.For small businesses these 1 to 5-minute videos add a personal touch to provide a more personalized experience for your customers. Vlogs are a great way to establish yourself as an expert on your product or service, show your audience you know what you’re talking about, and build their trust by providing valuable information. Vlogs are an excellent tool to teach customers about your business and products.

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Doodle Videos

Doodle Videos: the Newest Trend in Storytelling. Doodle videos are animated marketing or training videos that show a hand drawing the cartoon as a narrator tells your story. DGC produces unique, engaging, & fun videos featuring your product or service. Our videos catch the attention of visitors, increase the length of time they spend on your site, and ultimately boost sales and conversion rates. Doodle videos are one of the most effective and memorable ways to get your marketing message across. 

Explanatory Videos

Looking for an exciting way to make your website and social media pop? Use video to tell your story. A short explanatory animated video can make it easier and more fun for your customers and your prospects to learn about your brand, products, and services. Remember that most people have a short attention span, and that you have seconds to capture their attention on the web.  

Event Videos

Elevate Your Event with Engaging Video. Stand out from the crowd with an event video. This strong marketing tool highlights the best parts of your company, product, and culture. There’s no better way to target engagement.  

Social Media Cover Videos

Tell Your Story with Facebook and Instagram Videos. Videos are a great strategy to reinforce your brand and make sure people come back to your website. Videos work to engage and convert website visitors, to push leads down the funnel in email marketing campaigns, and to fuel engagement across multiple social channels. The DGC team can help you create memorable videos that drive results.