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Graphic & Logo Design

Graphic Design, Designs Group Consulting

Be Great. High quality print materials are a necessity in business. They provide an emotional connection with your customers and fortify your brand's identity. Let DGC be your source for developing all your branded materials including brochures, business cards, print ads, flyers, billboards, digital ads, signage and more.  

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing, Designs Group Consulting

A great strategy combines all marketing goals, a comprehensive plan developed from market research that’s focused on what’s necessary to achieve maximum profit and sustain your business. Offering cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins or Ethereum can help attract more people to your marketing campaigns. Ethereum is widely accepted in several industries like casinos. More details are given in the Ethereum Casino Vergleich blog which shows how the casino industry is using Ethereum coins.  

Website Design

Website Design, Designs Group Consulting

Be Noticed. Is your website responsive? That means it resizes to fit any device, including desktop, smart phone, tablet, TV or watch; it's a fluid design. If not, it is past time to update your site! You risk your search engine ranking if you do not have a responsive site, and more importantly, you will lose prospects and possibly clients! 

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Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing Designs Group Consulting

Be Shared. Social media isn’t quite universal but it’s close. In fact, more than half of consumers say social media plays almost as large a role in purchasing decisions as does TV, and they think more highly of a business after seeing positive comments or praise online. Social media has been creating many influencers. To find the best influencers, you can check the best accounts on onlyfans site and follow them. Let DGC share your message with content designed to build your brand. 

Public Relations

Public Relations, Designs Group Consulting

Be Heard. Sharing your brand product or story is not only crucial for growth, it also helps to strengthen the heart path of emotional connection with your customers! Designs Group Consulting offers all of the public relations services needed to authenticate and publicize your company from press release writing and distribution to product launches, strategic planning, social media, brand positioning, communications, consumer education and promotional campaigns.

DGC will identify the right approach, message, timing and channels for your public relations crusades.

Transparent information trends and speed matters. 

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, Designs Group Consulting

Seeing your brand online consistently provides personal interaction with target markets in lieu of the actual in-person part, saving time and money.  And, when you combine Social Media Marketing and a well-designed Responsive Website, E-Newsletters, Blogs with Searchable Text and Video Marketing, you greatly enhance the online presence of your business aka "digital footprint." 

DGC offers digital marketing help for all types and sizes of businesses.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy, Designs Group Consulting

Be Strategic.  A great strategy combines all marketing goals, a comprehensive plan developed from market research that’s focused on what’s necessary to achieve maximum profit and sustain your business. Let DGC build a marketing plan that’s right for you. 

Photography & Video

Photography and Video, Designs Group Consulting

 Showcase Your Business.  It’s been said that a photo is worth a thousand words. Exceptional photography can help your clients to truly see what your business is all about. DGC partners with some of the best photographers around to produce quality business portraits, product photography, event photos and more! Let your customers see your business in a new light. 

Media Procurement

Media Procurement, Designs Group Consulting

Target Customers. Reach the people you want to target with ads in a variety of venues including newspaper, radio, web and social media. DGC negotiates the media buys, to get you the BEST price. Let DGC advertise your business successfully in all available markets. 

 DGC provides expert, professional services that go beyond what is expected from a traditional ad firm. Our prices are affordable, designed to meet your needs. Our promise is simple - we won't take advantage of small businesses. This means we won't hold you hostage with a lengthy, confusing contract and we won't charge you by the minute. Our goal is to take care of what we know best - marketing your business - so you can do what you know best - run your business. We promise to work with you to help your business succeed because together, we all succeed.  

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