March 2019 - DGC in Review

Your logo is the foundation for building your brand in the marketplace. It must be simple, memorable, and create an indelible imprint that customers will immediately recognize. The DGC team includes talented designers who specializing in creating logos that reflect your business and work for you. Call us for more information and to set up a logo consultation today. 

February 2019 - DGC in Review

Eye-catching design draws potential customers into your message and sets the tone for your brand. At DGC we specialize in creating dynamic graphic design that reinforces your brand message across multiple platforms.

January 2019 - DGC in Review

It’s immediate, live in real time, and one of the most powerful ways to reach and engage customers. But using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more takes time and knowledge of how to make it part of your strategic marketing plan. We at DGC are here to help make it work for you, so you can devote your time to building your business.

December 2018 - DGC in Review

Designs Group Consulting (DGC), based in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, offers hands-on, full-service marketing solutions for businesses across America, taking a one-on-one approach to marketing. From strategic planning to graphic and web design, production, implementation, media buying and distribution—print, digital and social—the company helps their business partners navigate the complex marketing world. 

November 2018 - DGC in Review

Your website is the portal customers will go to when they want to get to know your better. It’s the hub for your messaging and all you do. It’s your face on the web. At DGC we develop websites that reflect your image, while making it easy for potential customers to find and purchase what they need. 

October 2018 - DGC in Review

Getting your product to market is more exciting and more challenging than ever. With traditional media, print, radio, television, web, social media, and more, there are more moving parts to consider and orchestrate than we would have imagined even few years ago. DGC has a team of professionals at your fingertips to come up with a complete marketing plan to meet your objectives, and we can implement and fine tune the process every step of the way!