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Not only does DGC offer top notch industry and market knowledge, but the company also strives to offer “superior customer service,” says Dannet Botkin, DGC President and Founder. “We are reliable, responsive, and caring."   

Simply put, Botkin believes the success of Designs Group Consulting is directly based on her clients’ success.  

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DGC Sets Example for Arkansas Women in Marketing


Helping smaller businesses navigate the sometimes murky waters of marketing to come out as winners is the hallmark of Designs Group Consulting (DGC), a leading Arkansas-based marketing firm. Leveraging more than 25 years of experience in marketing and sales, Dannet Botkin, President of DGC, uses a one-on-one approach to create unique and affordable marketing programs for DGC’s clients.

“A consistent social media presence must be a key element of any business – large or small – in today’s global marketplace,” observed Botkin. She goes on to explain that many small business owners have neither the time nor expertise to deal with the commitment and complexities required of a successful social media presence. DGC’s team of brand builders, storytellers, designers, and operational experts come together to combine the elements of successful marketing into customized packages that perfectly suit each client.

As one of the more visionary women in the world of Arkansas marketing, Botkin has brought metropolitan and corporate experience and expertise to the business community of “The Natural State” and beyond. After an early career working for east coast and international companies, she brought her expertise to Arkansas, initially working with Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association, before forming her own company, Designs Consulting Group. Botkin’s success as an entrepreneur serves as a strong example for other women in the world of Arkansas marketing. 

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Eye-catching design draws potential customers into your message and sets the tone for your brand. At DGC we specialize in creating dynamic graphic design that reinforces your brand message across multiple platforms.

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Designs Group Consulting (DGC), based in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, offers hands-on, full-service marketing solutions for businesses across America, taking a one-on-one approach to marketing. From strategic planning to graphic and web design, production, implementation, media buying and distribution—print, digital and social—the company helps their business partners navigate the complex marketing world. 

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Getting your product to market is more exciting and more challenging than ever. With traditional media, print, radio, television, web, social media, and more, there are more moving parts to consider and orchestrate than we would have imagined even few years ago. DGC has a team of professionals at your fingertips to come up with a complete marketing plan to meet your objectives, and we can implement and fine tune the process every step of the way!